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What is Mizuhiki?

 Mizuhiki was used to tie up the hair of the samurai and SUMO wrestler.

Currently there are several forms. The traditional decoration,

given away at Japanese occasions, such as weddings, births,

and funerals etc... It has been a year since I started selling accessories

made with Mizuhiki. I am making accessories with the desire to use

Japanese traditional crafts from usual use. This gonna be a good experience

and also good for souveniers to your family and friends!


About Me

I make & teach accessories using Japanese Traditional Paper Code "Mizuhiki".

Mizuhiki is a Ceremonial paper strings. Paper cord craft. presentation ribbon.

Mizuhiki is a traditional craft with a wonderful meaning "ties people" "ties the edge".

Mizuhiki adds a special meaning to the Japanese word Musubu.

Musubu means ‘connection’ or ‘tying’. Japanese people use Mizuhiki to convey warmth,

affection and togetherness.

I want to use Mizuhiki in your everyday life, so I made it as an accessory arranged in a design.

The concept is Modern with Mizuhiki accessories ~ Let's compile Japanese tradition ~

Mizuhiki is made from Japanese paper.

It is only an image of "red" and "white" used for gift bags, but there are hundreds of colors. Because Mizuhiki are tied strong enough to draw as they connect, "Seals, amulets, tying people, marriage" There is a meaning of.

Collaboration with pearls and Swarovski etc. It is an accessory that can be blended into the lifestyle of  modern design.

Mizuhiki also good for gifts to overseas, as a gift to friends, family .

Of course good for everyday use, celebration, shrine visit, wedding ceremony, japanese tea ceremony, with kimono,various scenes.



Experience Making Pierce made by Japanese Traditional Paper Code Mizuhiki

Ume musubi

Color Variation

Tama musubi

Traditional Notting

Pierce or Earring

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Ume musubi

Traditional Flower Notting

Pierce or Earring

from 2 to 3 people 

2 Hours 5000 JPY per person

Place : Near Tsukiji or Ginza

After apply

buy ticket from here