I make & teach accessories using Japanese Tradisional Paper Code "Mizuhiki". Mizuhiki was used to tie up the hair of the samurai and SUMO wrestler. Currently there are several forms. The traditional decoration, given away at Japanese occasions, such as weddings, births, and funerals etc... It has been a year since I started selling accessories made with Mizuhiki. I am making accessories with the desire to use Japanese traditional crafts from usual use. This gonna be a good experience and also good for souveniers to your family and friends!

This is basic class. Available from 12 years old child. First of all create Mizuhiki flower "Plum knotting" then convine it to pierce or earlings. No warry even you never create handmade accessories. I teach you slowly. You will have fun to create your own colour Mizuhiki Pierce! Workshop Instructions 1.Choose 3colours of Mizuhiki. 2.Practice basic "Plum knotting" with a single Mizuhiki. 3. Make 2 pairs of "Plum knotting" by using 3 Mizuhiki. 4. Convine to pierce or earlings.